Atmospheric escape from the Earth during geomagnetic reversal

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Olga O. Tsareva
Eduard M. Dubinin
Helmi V. Malova
Victor Yu. Popov
Lev M. Zelenyi


We considered basic mechanisms of atmospheric particle acceleration and estimated the escape rates of ionospheric ions (H+ and O+) during the geomagnetic field reversal. It is assumed that during the reversal the Earth's magnetic field deviates from the current dipole configuration, and the quadrupole component dominates. The standoff distance of the quadrupole magnetosphere is about of 3 Earth's radii and therefore a magnetic shielding protects the atmosphere from sputtering and ion pickup but not from the polar and auroral winds.

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Tsareva OO, Dubinin EM, Malova HV, Popov VY, Zelenyi LM. Atmospheric escape from the Earth during geomagnetic reversal. Ann. Geophys. [Internet]. 2020May26 [cited 2022Jun.27];63(2):PA223. Available from:
Physics of the Atmosphere