Indoor height determination of the new absolute gravimetric station of L'Aquila

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Marco Fortunato
Augusto Mazzoni
Alberico Sonnessa
Giovanna Berrino
Filippo Greco
Federica Riguzzi


In this paper we describe all the field operations and the robust post-processing procedures to determine the height of the new absolute gravimetric station purposely selected to belong to a new absolute gravimetric network and located in the Science Faculty of the L’Aquila University (Italy). This site has been realized indoor in the Geomagnetism laboratory, so that the height cannot be measured directly, but linking it to the GNSS antenna of AQUI benchmark located on the roof of the same building, by a classical topographic survey.

After the topographic survey, the estimated height difference between AQUI and the absolute gravimetric site AQUIg is 14.970 ± 0.003 m. At the epoch of the 2018 gravimetric measurements, the height of AQUI GNSS station was 712.974 ± 0.003 m, therefore the estimated ellipsoidal height of the gravimetric site at the epoch of gravity measurements is 698.004 ± 0.005 m. Absolute gravity measurements are referred to the equipotential surface of gravity field, so that the knowledge of the geoidal undulation at AQUIg allows us to infer the orthometric height as 649.32 m.

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Fortunato M, Mazzoni A, Sonnessa A, Berrino G, Greco F, Riguzzi F. Indoor height determination of the new absolute gravimetric station of L’Aquila. Ann. Geophys. [Internet]. 2020Dec.29 [cited 2023Dec.2];63(6):GD662. Available from:

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