INGe: Intensity-ground motion data set for Italy

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Ilaria Oliveti
Licia Faenza
Alberto Michelini


In this paper we present an updated and homogeneous earthquake dataset for Italy compiled by

joining the intensities available in the Italian Macroseismic Database DBMI15 and the peak ground

motion (PGM) parameters present in the Engineering Strong-Motion (ESM) accelerometric data

bank. The database has been compiled through an extensive procedure of evaluation and revision

based on two main steps: 1) the selection of the earthquakes in DBMI15 with homogeneous

macroseismic intensities in terms of data sources and 2) the extraction of all the localities reporting

intensity data which are located within 3 km from the accelerograph stations that recorded the

data. The final dataset includes 519 intensity-PGM data pairs from 65 earthquakes and 227 stations

in the time span 1972–2016. The reported intensities are expressed either in the Mercalli-Cancani-

Sieberg (MCS) or the European macroseismic (EMS-98) scales.

The events are characterized by magnitudes in the range 4.1–6.8 and depths in the range 0–55 km.

Here, we illustrate the data collection and the properties of the database in terms of recording,

event and station distributions as well as macroseismic intensity points. Furthermore, we discuss

the most relevant features of engineering interest showing several statistics with reference to the

most significant metadata (such as moment magnitude, several distance metrics, style of faulting

etc). The dataset is expected to be useful for benchmarking existing and for developing new ground

motion intensity conversion equations offering a common basis, and sparing the time and effort

required for assembling to the interested researchers.

The dataset is available at

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Oliveti, I., Faenza, L. and Michelini, A. (2022) “INGe: Intensity-ground motion data set for Italy”, Annals of Geophysics, 65(1), p. DM102. doi: 10.4401/ag-8709.
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