Published: 2005-06-12

Aeromagnetic survey of the Somma-Vesuvius volcanic area

V. Paoletti, R. Supper, M. Chiappini, M. Fedi, G. Florio, A. Rapolla

Geodetic deformation Across the Central Apennines from GPS Data in the time span 1999-2003

M. Anzidei, P. Baldi, A. Pesci, A. Esposito, A. Galvani, F. Loddo, P. Cristofoletti


The structure of the ophiolitic beltin Albania inferred from geomagnetic anomalies

I. Kane, A. Stampolidis, N. G. Tsokas, S. Bushati, D. Kondopoulou, P. Tsourlos