Assessment of space plasma effectsfor satellite applications:Working Group 2 overview

R. Leitinger, N. Jakowski


An important part of the tasks of Working Group 2 of the COST Action 271 «Assessment of space plasma effect for satellites applications» is the assessment of novel data sources for information about
the state of ionisation of the ionosphere. This report deals with those aspects which are not represented adequately in the scientific papers in this issue. Here emphasis is given to the product aspect
(data and model collections, descriptions of methods and algorithms, availability of products, expected future developments) and the links between the past COST Actions 238 and 251 with the present Action 271 and with possible future cooperations. Working Group 2 was leading in the transionospheric
propagation aspects of possible products for the International Telecommunication
Union?s Radiocommunication (ITU-R) Study Group 3. This report gives a short overview emphasizing future developments.

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