Published: 2004-06-12

Nowcasting, forecasting and warning for ionospheric propagation: tools and methods

R. Stamper, A. Belehaki, D. Buresová, L. R. Cander, I. Kutiev, M. Pietrella, I. Stanislawska, S. Stankov, I. Tsagouri, Y. K. Tulunay

Long-term trends in the ionosphere and upper atmosphere parameters

J. Bremer, Lu. Alfonsi, P. Bencze, J. Lastovicka, A. V. Mikhailov, N. Rogers

Total electron content - A key parameterin propagation: measurement and usein ionospheric imaging

L. Kersley, D. Malan, S. E. Pryse, L. R. Cander, R. A. Bamford, A. Belehaki, R. Leitinger, S. M. Radicella, C. N. Mitchell, P. S. J. Spencer

Relations between electron contentand peak density: regular and extreme behaviour

R. Leitinger, L. Ciraolo, L. Kersley, S. S. Kouris, P. Spalla

A way to increase the bit ratein ionospheric radio links

C. Perrine, Y. M. Erhel, D. Lemur, L. Bertel, A. Bourdillon

Propagation of HF radio waves over northerly paths: measurements,simulation and systems aspects

E. M. Warrington, A. J. Stocker, N. Y. Zaalov, D. R. Siddle, I. A. Nasyrov

Scintillations effects on satellite to Earth links for telecommunication and navigation purposes

Y. Béniguel, B. Forte, S. M. Radicella, H. J. Strangeways, V. E. Gherm, N. N. Zernov

Development of algorithms and software for forecasting, nowcasting and variability of TEC

E. Tulunay, E. T. Senalp, L. R. Cander, Y. K. Tulunay, A. H. Bilge, E. Mizrahi, S. S. Kouris, N. Jakowski

Ionospheric disturbances generated by different natural processes and by human activity in Earth plasma environment

H. Rothkaehl, N. Izohkina, N. Prutensky, S. Pulinets, M. Parrot, G. Lizunov, J. Blecki, I. Stanislawska

Effects of gradients of the electron density on Earth-space communications

S. M. Radicella, B. Nava, P. Coïsson, L. Kersley, G. J. Bailey

Impact of COST 271

P. A. Bradley, B. W. Reinisch