Emission Fourier transform spectroscopy for remote sensingof the Earth's atmosphere

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G. Bianchini
U. Cortesi
B. Carli


Fourier transform emission spectroscopy can make an important contribution in the observation of the Earth's atmosphere and in the investigation of atmospheric physics and chemistry. In this paper, we report the measurement performances and the result obtained by a Fourier transform spectrometer, named SAFIRE-A (Spectroscopy of the Atmosphere using Far Infrared Emission - Airborne), operating in the far infrared spectral region from limb
sounding observation of the atmospheric emission from a high altitude aircraft. After a short review of the advantages
of FTS emission limb sounding in comparison with competing techniques and observation geometries, a detailed description of the instrument is given with the result obtained during the APE-GAIA (Airborne Polar Experiment - Geophysica Aircraft In Antarctica) fi eld campaign carried out over the Antarctic Peninsula.

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Bianchini, G., Cortesi, U. and Carli, B. (2003) “Emission Fourier transform spectroscopy for remote sensingof the Earth’s atmosphere”, Annals of Geophysics, 46(2). doi: 10.4401/ag-3394.