Published: 2003-06-12

Detection of meteorological inconsistencies by GPS

L. Balestri, M. Boccolari, S. Fazlagic, S. Pugnaghi, R. Santangelo

Some remarks on PM2.5

M. Casazza, A. Piano

Giorgio Fiocco: a jolly good fellow and his research

G. Benedetti-Michelangeli, M. Cacciani, A. Capasso, F. Congeduti, T. Di Iorio, A. G. di Sarra, D. Fuà, G. Grams, G. Magyar, G. Pace

On the correspondence between surface UV observations and TOMS determinations of surface UV: a potential method for quality evaluating world surface UV observations

J. DeLuisi, D. Theisen, J. Augustine, P. Disterhoft, K. Lantz, E. Weatherhead, G. Hodges, C. Cornwall, I. Petropavlovskikh, A. Stevermer

Lidar research activities in Potenza, Southern Italy

P. Di Girolamo, A. Amodeo, M. Pandolfi, G. Pappalardo, V. Cuomo

Evolution of perturbations in 3D air quality models

I. Kioutsioukis, C. Zerefos, D. Melas, I. Ziomas

Analysis of strong wind events around Adelie Land, East Antarctica

J. Naithani, S. Argentini, G. Schayes, G. Mastrantonio

One year of tropospheri clidar measurements of aerosol extinction and backscatter

G. Pappalardo, A. Amodeo, S. Amoruso, L. Mona, M. Pandolfi, V. Cuomo

Characteristics of the boundary layerat Ny-Ålesund in the Arctic during the ARTIST field experiment

S. Argentini, A. Pietro Viola, G. Mastrantonio, A. Maurizi, T. Georgiadis, M. Nardino