Lidar research activities in Potenza, Southern Italy

P. Di Girolamo, A. Amodeo, M. Pandolfi, G. Pappalardo, V. Cuomo


The lidar group in Potenza has almost 10 years' experience in the field of lidar research. Important results have
been accomplished both in aerosol and water vapour research. The lidar system in Potenza has acquired different
confi gurations during the years, always preserving the capability to accomplish two wavelength aerosol and water
vapour Raman measurements. An important up-grade was the introduction of a water vapour DIAL channel in
1997. The lidar system in Potenza has been involved in several aerosol and water vapour measurement campaigns:
stratospheric aerosol measurement campaign (1994-1995); LITE correlative measurement campaign (September
1994); Water Vapour Intensive Observation Period (January-February 1997); EARLINET project (since February
2000). A second lidar system, primarily dedicated to water vapour Raman measurements, is under development
and starting January 2002 will go through an intensive observation period dedicated to the validation of sensors
on-board ENVISAT (principally GOMOS, MIPAS and SCIAMACHY). This paper summarises some of the major
results accomplished, as well as expected results from the forthcoming campaigns.


lidar;water vapour;aerosol

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