Magnetic and solar effects on ionospheric absorption at high latitude

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V. Romano
M. Cerrone
L. Perrone
M. Pietrella


Some periods of intense solar events and of strong magnetic storms have been selected and their effects on the ionospheric D region have been investigated on the basis of ionospheric absorption data derived from riometer measurements made at the Italian Antarctic Base of Terra Nova Bay (geographic coordinates: 74.69 S, 164.12 E; geomagnetic coordinates: 77.34 S, 279.41 E). It was found that sharp increases in ionospheric absorption are mainly due to solar protons emission with an energy greater than 10 MeV. Moreover, the day to night ratios of the ionospheric absorption are greater than 2 in the case of strong events of energetic protons emitted by the Sun, while during magnetic storms, these ratios range between 1 and 2.

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Romano V, Cerrone M, Perrone L, Pietrella M. Magnetic and solar effects on ionospheric absorption at high latitude. Ann. Geophys. [Internet]. 2002Dec.25 [cited 2022Jun.27];45(1). Available from:

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