Published: 2002-06-12

Electon density profiles of the topside ionosphere

X. Huang, B. W. Reinisch, D. Bilitza, R. F. Benson

Could we find any signal of the stratosphere-ionosphere coupling in Antarctica?

M. Pietrella, E. S. Kazimirovsky, G. De Franceschi, P. Grigioni, C. Scotto

Geomagnetic storms and the occurrence of phase slips in the reception of GPS signals

E. L. Afraimovich, O. S. Lesyuta, I. I. Ushakov, S. V. Voeykov

Worst cases for an one-hop high frequency link

G. Mirò, B. A. de la Morena, S. M. Radicella, M. Herraiz