Modelling earth current precursors in earthquake prediction

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D. Patella
A. Tramacere
R. Di Maio


This paper deals with the theory of earth current precursors of earthquake. A dilatancy-diffusion-polarization model is proposed to explain the anomalies of the electric potential, which are observed on the ground surface prior to some earthquakes. The electric polarization is believed to be the electrokinetic effect due to the invasion of fluids into new pores, which are opened inside a stressed-dilated rock body. The time and space variation of the distribution of the electric potential in a layered earth as well as in a faulted half-space is studied in detail. It results that the surface response depends on the underground conductivity distribution and on the relative disposition of the measuring dipole with respect to the buried bipole source. A field procedure based on the use of an areal layout of the recording sites is proposed, in order to obtain the most complete information on the time and space evolution of the precursory phenomena in any given seismic region.

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Patella, D., Tramacere, A. and Di Maio, R. (1997) “Modelling earth current precursors in earthquake prediction”, Annals of Geophysics, 40(2). doi: 10.4401/ag-3929.

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