Published: 1997-06-12

The investigation of electromagnetic precursors to earthquakes in Armenia

S. Balassanian, A. Mouradian, A. Sahakian, S. Kalinin, M. Babayan, A. Pogossian

A search for the volcanomagnetic signal at Deception volcano (South Shetland I., Antarctica)

A. Garcìa, I. Blanco, J. M. Torta, M. M. Astiz, J. M. Ibáñez, R. Ortiz

Magnetotelluric monitoring of geodynamic processes

B. S. Svetov, S. D. Karinskij, Y. I. Kuksa, V. I. Odintsov

Self-potential, geoelectric and magnetotelluric studies in Italian active volcanic areas

R. Di Maio, P. Mauriello, D. Patella, Z. Petrillo, S. Piscitelli, A. Siniscalchi, M. Veneruso

Magnetic variation analysis for the June 1993 seismic events in Central Italy

T. Ernst, R. Teisseyre, A. Meloni, P. Palangio, M. Marchetti