On time-distance curves for Pn waves in the Friuli earthquake of 6 May 1976



Results obtained in the study of the arrival times of the Pn phase for
the Friuli earthquake of 6 May 1976 (H = 20h00™15s,5; φ = 46° 16'30" N;
λ = 13° 06' 00" E; M = 6.3) with respect to the epicentral distance are
reported. Particular emphasis is given to the fact that the travel-time
curves relative to the Pn waves and the corresponding equations are only
valid for selected alignment. By plotting the time-distance curves it was
possible to derive the depth of the lower surface of the upper mantle for
different zones; the results thus obtained exibit significant differences.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.4401/ag-4728
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