Geophysical study of a crustal section across the Straits of Messina

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This paper presents the results of geophysical researches which can
contribute to a better definition of a structural model for the Straits of
Messina. It is part of the seismological researches, particularly of seismic
microzonation, which are being carried out in the area of the Straits.
The crustal model proposed for a cross section of the Straits has
been based, for its upper part, on data of dipole electrical soundings
and, for its deeper structures, on seismological observations and on their
comparison with data of active seismic.
the Graben structure of the Straits recently proposed, with the Calabrian
The obtained section emphasize, with some detail in the upper part, block structurally in a higher position than the Sicilian one. Such structural
character has been put in evidence by refraction seismic sections
to a depth of about 18 Km.
The correlation between the structures of the area surrounding the
Straits and the hypocentral distribution for the heaviest earthquakes with
focus in the area is pointed out.

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BOTTARI, A., LO GIUDICE, E. and SCHIAVONE, D. (1979) “Geophysical study of a crustal section across the Straits of Messina”, Annals of Geophysics, 32(1), pp. 241–261. doi: 10.4401/ag-4736.

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