The thermotidal exciting function for water vapour absorption of solar radiation



The thermotidal exciting function J is considered, for
the absorption of solar radiation by water vapour, according to the model
derived by Siebert. The Mugge-Moller formula for water vapour absorption
is integrated numerically, using experimental data for the water vapour
concentration in the troposphere and the stratosphere. It appears that
Siebort's formula is a reasonable approximation at low tropospheric levels
but it dramatically overestimates the water vapour thermotidal heating
in the upper troposphere and in the stratosphere. It seems thus possible
that, if the correct vertical profile is employed for J , the amplitudes and
phases of the diurnal temperature oscillations and of the tidal wind speeds
may suffer significant changes from those previously calculated and possibly explain the three hours delay of the observed phases from the computed values.

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