On the canalization of seismic energy



Tlie paper shows how the velocities of the channel waves
Pa and 8a, as thus far calculated, are apparent velocities. From such apparent
values it is easy to calculate the real velocities, which coincide with the
minimum velocity of longitudinal and transversal waves, calculated by
15. Gutenberg and by Miss I. Lehmann for the astenospliere.
The canalization of seismic energy is a general phenomenon which, in
the case of strong earthquakes with focus ca. 100 km deep, may involve not
only the astenospliere, but also tlie earth crust channels. Important examples
are alleged.
The paper finally shows that also tlie energy developped by deep earthquakes
(600 km deep and more) undergoes remarkable canalization. However,
this concerns to a significant extent only the astenospliere.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.4401/ag-5221
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