A summary of hazard datasets and guidelines supported by the Global Earthquake Model during the first implementation phase

Marco Pagani, Julio Garcia, Damiano Monelli, Graeme Weatherill, Anselm Smolka


The Global Earthquake Model (GEM) initiative promotes open, transparent and collaborative science aimed at the assessment of earthquake risk and its reduction worldwide. During the first implementation phase (2009-2014) GEM sponsored five projects aimed at the creation of global datasets and guidelines toward the creation of open, transparent and, as far as possible, homogeneous hazard input models. These projects concentrated on the following global databases and models: an instrumental catalogue, a historical earthquake archive and catalogue, a geodetic strain rate model, a database of active faults, and set of ground motion prediction equations. This paper describes the main outcomes of these projects illustrating some initial applications as well as challenges in the creation of hazard models.


Global datasets; Seismic hazard; Global earthquake model

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.4401/ag-6677
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