StratFit: An Excel Workbook for correlation of multiple stratigraphic trends

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Leonardo Sagnotti
Chiara Caricchi


Correlation of distinct stratigraphic sequences is often critical to characterize evolution of sedimentary basins, as well as for exploration of georesources and for paleoenvironmental and paleoclimatic reconstructions. Stratigraphic correlations are usually based on signal matching between two multiples proxies' records. Commonly, stratigraphers have to approach the correlation issue with time-consumig methods or specific software that may not be aesily accessible or may not allow a full and direct control of the adopted procedure. In this work, we propose a new simple tool, which consists of a single Microsoft Excel workbook (that we named StratFit) organized  in worksheets and allows an easy correlation of different stratigraphic curves and immediate visualization of the results. The correlation process is based on the forecast function and linear regression between subsequent couples of select  tie-points. The program is open source, user-friendly and llows a full control of the correlation process since all the computations are accessible for user's inspection and improvement. The StratFit workbook and the usermanual are freely distributed and can be downloaded as supplementary material.

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Sagnotti, L. and Caricchi, C. (2018) “StratFit: An Excel Workbook for correlation of multiple stratigraphic trends”, Annals of Geophysics, 61(3), p. DA341. doi: 10.4401/ag-7619.
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