Lower Ionospheric turbulence variations during the intense tectonic activity in Eastern Aegean area

Emmanuel M. Scordilis, Michael E. Contadakis, Filippos Vallianatos, Spiridon Spatalas


This paper may be considered as an additional approval of the way the tectonic activity affects the lower Ionosphere. The results of our investigation, on the occasion of the recent East Aegean tectonic activity, indicate that the High - Frequency limit, fo, of the ionospheric turbulence content, increases as the site and the time of the earthquake occurrence is approaching, pointing to the earthquake location.We conclude that the Lithosphere Atmosphere Ionosphere Coupling (LAIC) mechanism through acoustic or gravity wave could explain this phenomenology, as a result of a the frequency differential damping of the propagating turbulent in the ionosphere. Proper use of this result may lead to a method of earthquake hazard mitigation using the byproducts of the Global Positioning Network (actually Total Electron Contain, TEC, estimations) which are available freely.


Seismicity; Lower Ionosphere; Ionospheric turbulence; Brownian walk

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.4401/ag-7818
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