Guest Editors: Valerio Tramutoli and Fillippos Vallianatos

Published: 2020-11-03

Lower Ionospheric turbulence variations during the intense tectonic activity in Eastern Aegean area

Emmanuel M. Scordilis, Michael E. Contadakis, Filippos Vallianatos, Spiridon Spatalas


Ionospheric turbulence from TEC variations and VLF/LF transmitter signal observations before and during the destructive seismic activity of August and October 2016 in Central Italy

Michael E. Contadakis, Demetrios N. Arabelos, George N. Vergos, Christos Skeberis, Tomas D. Xenos, Pierfrancesco Biagi, Emmanuel M. Scordilis


Variation of some planetary seismic hazard indices on the occasion of Lefkada, Greece, earthquake of 17 November, 2015

Dimitrios N. Arabelos, Micheal E. Contadakis, George S. Vergos, Christos Skeberis, Tomas D. Xenos, Spiridon D. Spatalas


Toward the development of a multi parametric system for a short-term assessment of the seismic hazard in Italy

Nicola Genzano, Carolina Filizzola, Mariano Lisi, Nicola Pergola, Valerio Tramutoli


Space weather and earthquakes: possible triggering of seismic activity by strong solar flares

Victor Novikov, Yuri Ruzhin, Valery Sorokin, Alexey Yaschenko