PGS1, a new low cost and low power Portable Geophysical Station “All in One”. Design and test

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Antonio Costanza
Gioacchino Fertitta
William Yang
Giuseppe D'Anna
Claudio Chiarabba


PGS1 is a new compact portable seismic station, designed at INGV OBS and Earth Lab, that is specifically intended for the deployment of dense arrays of seismographs on-shore. With its low cost, compact design, high data-quality and long battery life, PGS1 is a perfect solution for seismic monitoring networks. PGS1 design is based on a solid polypropylene suitcase, containing a complete data acquisition system, two battery packs and a photovoltaic panel. The new Earth Lab 5s medium-period seismic sensor is included. The whole system meets the IP67 standard requirements both in transport and in acquisition configuration. PGS1 is normally equipped with one battery pack, one more pack can be added inside the suitcase achieving 40 days of battery life. The station is equipped with a photovoltaic panel, useful to extend the deployment length. Inside the suitcase, there are compartments where to store the seismic sensor, the photovoltaic panel and all the cables. Therefore, the station is very easy to transport.

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Costanza, A., Fertitta, G., Yang, W., D’Anna, G. and Chiarabba, C. (2021) “PGS1, a new low cost and low power Portable Geophysical Station ‘All in One’. Design and test”, Annals of Geophysics, 64(1), p. SE105. doi: 10.4401/ag-8544.

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