Published: 2021-03-15

Total Electron Content (TEC) estimation over Pakistan from local GPS network using spherical harmonics

Maria Mehmood, Sajid Saleem, Renato Filjar, Najam Abbas Naqvi, Arslan Ahmed


Quality analysis of dual-frequency smartphone-based ionospheric TEC measurements: what can be achieved?

Jon Bruno, Francesco Darugna, Karl Bolmgren, Jannes B Wübbena, Cathryn Mitchell, Martin Schmitz


Earthquake dynamic induced by the magma up flow with fractional power law and fractional-order friction.

Christian Foka Fogang, Francois Beceau Pelap, Guy Bertrand Tanekou, Romanic Kengne, Laurent Ymele Kagho, Theophile Fozin Fozing, Roméo Blaise Nana Mbendjo, Fidèle Koumetio


Images of ancient Calabrian-Sicilian earthquakes from a stereoscopic viewer of the early 20th century. The ethics behind a natural disaster photo-gallery

Franco Foresta Martin, Silvia Peppoloni, Patrizia Tosi, Valerio De Rubeis, Paola Sbarra, Sonia Topazio


PGS1, a new low cost and low power Portable Geophysical Station “All in One”. Design and test

Antonio Costanza, Gioacchino Fertitta, William Yang, Giuseppe D'Anna, Claudio Chiarabba


The new Italian seismic hazard model (MPS19)

Carlo Meletti, Warner Marzocchi, Vera D'Amico, Giovanni Lanzano, Lucia Luzi, Francesco Martinelli, Bruno Pace, Andrea Rovida, Matteo Taroni, Francesco Visini, MPS19 Working Group