Call for Papers: Advances in multi-parametric, time-Dependent Assessment of Seismic Hazard and Earthquakes Forecast


Although the problem of earthquake forecast is in our times “The Holy Grail of Earth Physics and Seismology” the real-time integration of multi-parametric observations has already demonstrated a high potential in the development of operational time-Dependent Assessment of Seismic Hazard(t-DASH) systems suitable for supporting decision makers with continuously updated seismic hazard scenarios. However, a crucial step in this direction is the identification of those parameters (seismological, geophysical, geochemical, etc.), whose multi scaled space-time dynamics and/or anomalous variability, has to be associated with the complex process of preparation of major earthquakes.

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News: New Editor in Chief Annals of Geophysics


Dr. Antonio Costa is the new Editor in Chief of the journal.

Congratulations for the new role!




Posted: 2017-11-09
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