Underwater Laboratories for Astroparticle Physics and Deep Sea Science

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E. Migneco
A. Capone
P. Piattelli


The exploration of deep sea environments is presently at the dawn of a new era:
underwater laboratories, permanently installed on the sea floor and offering
power and on-line data transmission links to the shore, will allow to continuously
monitor oceanographical properties. An important boost in this direction has
been provided by the high energy physics scientific community, that aims at the
realization of an underwater detector for cosmic high energy neutrinos.
Neutrinos are considered a very promising probe for high energy astrophysics
and many indications suggest that some of the most energetic sources known in
the universe could also be high energy neutrino sources. The expected neutrino
fluxes indicate that a km3-scale detector must be realised to achieve this
ambitious aim. The quest for the realization of such a detector in the
Mediterranean Sea has already started.

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Migneco, E., Capone, A. and Piattelli, P. (2006) “Underwater Laboratories for Astroparticle Physics and Deep Sea Science”, Annals of Geophysics, 49(2-3). doi: 10.4401/ag-3138.