Self-oscillations in rocks,results of laboratory experiments

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A. N. Kamshilin
E. N. Volkova
O. R. Kuzichkin
M. A. Sokolnikov


The method of generation of self-oscillations in rocks is developed here. Self-oscillations arise as a result of direct and inverse mechanoelectric transformations without an external generator. Laboratory experiments were
executed with different samples. A relation between self-oscillation parameters from samples humidity and direct electrical field applied to samples was detected.

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Kamshilin, A. N., Volkova, E. N., Kuzichkin, O. R. and Sokolnikov, M. A. (2004) “Self-oscillations in rocks,results of laboratory experiments”, Annals of Geophysics, 47(1). doi: 10.4401/ag-3262.