Sui fenomeni di anormale abbassamento del suolo, con particolare riguardo al Delta Padano



Basing on researches conducted from 1956 to 1958, the
A. completed in May 1959 a comprehensive study about the phenomena
of subsidence occurring at the time in the region of the Po delta. In its
conclusion, the study indicated the prove necessity to close down the
thousands of wells for the extraction of methaniferous waters, to which
nearly all the enormous subsidences of the ground observed in the Delta
were to be imputed. To substantiate his conclusions, the A. resumed —
in two appendices — the course of two (among many) phenomena of abnormal
subsidences observed over the globe, and undoubtedly induced by
analogous causes.
Now, nine years after their redaction and convinced of the soundness
and actuality of the conclusions reached, the A. esteemed appropriate to
have these studies published; he introduces them by a " premise " and adds
a sequel drawing convenient comparisons, from which issues clearly the
warning against the consequences of proposed and, partly, already developing,
indiscriminate extractions of water or natural gases in vast zones of
the upper Adriatic. The latest course of events in the Venice region
constitutes by itself a motivated alarm already.

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