Structure de la croute terrestre en Algerie d'après les ondes sisiuiques



It has been tried to exploit in the best ways all data of
the algerian shocks till 1969 using the various documents and publications
found in the Seismological Center of Algiers. Various methods used for the
near shocks ( < 700 km) first and for the farther events later, show that:
— The velocities are: Pg = 5,55 km/s, Sg = 3,22 km/s, Pn = 7,77 km/s,
Sn = 4,32 km/s at least for the smaller distances; these velocities, relatively
little, become greater for distances above 800 km, which means certainly
a great increase of velocity in the upper mantle.
— There is no significant variations of velocity between the regions
of Algiers and Sótif.
— The algerian shocks are shallow: most of them have a depth less
than 15 km.

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