A simple statistical procedure for the analysis of radon anomalies associated with seismic activity

Hugo Gonçalves Silva, Mourad Bezzeghoud, Maria Manuela Oliveira, António Heitor Reis, Rui Namorado Rosa


This study presents an analysis of data from various radon anomalies that were compiled by Toutain and Baubron [1999], to investigate their relationships with the earthquake parameters of magnitude and distance from epicenter. The simple methodology applied here reveals significant and positive correlation between the duration of the radon anomalies and the ratio between the earthquake preparation radius and the distance between the sensor and the event epicenter. This shows an important relationship between seismic activity and duration of radon anomalies at a local scale. The consequences and implications of this relationship are discussed.


Radon emissions; Seismic precursors; Seismic activity

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.4401/ag-5570
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