Magnetic Declination Chart 2006 of Europe – produced by the MagNetE Group

Gerald Duma, Barbara Leichter, the MagNetE Group


During its 4th Workshop in Helsinki in 2009 the Group for European Repeat Station Surveys, MagNetE, decided to produce a European Declination Chart 2006 which is based on the numerous magnetic repeat station measurements performed in more than 20 countries in Europe. All surveys were conducted within a relatively short period between 2005 and 2007, the data set consists of declination values of 382 repeat stations and the annual mean values of 42 observatories. These first accorded surveys in Europe, providing hundreds of highly accurate magnetic vector data, can be considered the first geomagnetic survey of Europe. The resulting map shows the magnetic declination, which is of main public interest for navigation purposes.



Main geomagnetic field; Global and regional models; Magnetic anomalies; Instruments and techniques; Data processing

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