Validation of the IASI operational CH4 and N2O products using ground-based Fourier Transform Spectrometer: preliminary results at the Izaña Observatory (28ºN, 17ºW)

Omaira García, Matthias Schneider, Frank Hase, Thomas Blumenstock, Andreas Wiegele, Eliezer Sepúlveda, Angel Gómez-Peláez


Within the project VALIASI (VALidation of IASI level 2 products) the validation of the IASI operational atmospheric trace gas products (total column amounts of H2O, O3, CH4, N2O, CO2 and CO as well H2O and O3 profiles) will be carried out. Ground-based FTS (Fourier Transform Spectrometer) trace gas measurements made in the framework of NDACC (Network for the Detection of Atmospheric Composition Change) serve as the validation reference. In this work, we will present the validation methodology developed for this project and show the first intercomparison results obtained for the Izaña Atmospheric Observatory between 2008 and 2012. As example, we will focus on two of the most important greenhouse gases, CH4 and N2O.


Composition and Structure; Climate; Instruments and Techniques

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