Geomagnetic coast effect at two Croatian repeat stations

Eugen Vujić, Mario Brkić


Knowledge of inductive effects is important for the reliability of geomagnetic surveys as well as reduction of measurements, and hence for the accuracy of models and maps of the Earth’s magnetic field. Detection of anomalous induced fields, due to the geomagnetic coast effect, was carried out by the transfer function method to estimate the induction arrows indicating areas of anomalous induced currents. To determine the transfer function at the two coastal Croatian repeat stations used in this study, the so-called geomagnetic plane-wave events from July 2010 were used. Analysis of transfer functions for Krbavsko polje and Sinjsko polje first order repeat stations, using observatories Grocka and Tihany as references, revealed the existence of the Adriatic coastal effect on periods of 10-65 minutes.


Geomagnetic repeat station; Geomagnetic transfer function; Induction arrows; Geomagnetic coast effect

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