Application of ionospheric tomography for high frequency oblique incidence ray tracing

Sandip Nandi, Bijoy Bandyopadhyay


Recognizing the applicability of tomographic imaging in the ionosphere, the reconstruction method has been applied to generate more realistic low latitude ionospheric background based on the Ionex TEC data and also direct measurement TEC data over West Bengal, India. Using these backgrounds, ray tracing of high frequency waves has been performed. Influence of Earth’s magnetic field and also the existence of horizontal gradient of electron concentration in the ionosphere are considered separately for analyzing the ray tracing algorithm. Evaluation of ray tracing parameters and maximum usable frequency for different ground range ensures the possibility of application of ionospheric tomography technique for accurate ray tracing. The analysis shows accurate ray tracing for HF waves, thus defeating the restriction of choice of ionospheric model for analytical ray tracing methods. Performance analysis of the ray tracing technique presented in this paper ensures the consistency of speed with the other methods.


Ionosphere; Radiowave Propagation; Ray tracing; Tomography

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Published by INGV, Istituto Nazionale di Geofisica e Vulcanologia - ISSN: 2037-416X