Analysis of the 2016 Amatrice earthquake macroseismic data

Lorenzo Hofer, Mariano Angelo Zanini, Flora Faleschini


On August 24, 2016, a sudden MW 6.0 seismic event hit central Italy, causing 298 victims and significant damage to residential buildings and cultural heritage. In the days following the mainshock, a macroseismic survey was conducted by teams of the University of Padova, according to the European Macroseismic Scale (EMS98). In this contribution, a critical analysis of the collected macroseismic data is presented and some comparisons were performed with the recent 2012 Emilia sequence.


Amatrice sequence; EMS98; Instrumental data

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Published by INGV, Istituto Nazionale di Geofisica e Vulcanologia - ISSN:  2037-416X