Aeromagnetic Constraints on the Umm Farwah Fault Structural Framework and Associated Neoproterozoic accretion domains of the Asir Terrane: the Biljurshi area, Arabian Shield

Taher Zouaghi, Essam Aboud, El-Sawy Kamal El-Sawy



The Arabian Shield and the Pan-African shear zones/terrane boundaries are marked by widespread occurrence of juvenile Neoprotero- zoic assembly arc terranes. Deep sealed architecture and tectonic framework are still poorly understood because the lack of geophysical studies. N-S oriented lineaments and associated structures that characterize the Asir terrane have crucial interests because they repre- sent the primary constraints to understand structuring and kinematics of the Arabian Shield. The integration of aeromagnetic and geo- logical data of the Biljurshi area highlights the structural setting and its relationship with the Precambrian volcano-sedimentary, metamorphic and plutonic rocks. Results contribute to understand the deep structure of the syn-accretion sedimentary and volcanic sys- tem. The geophysical data validate and improve the current geological settings and determine the geometry and tectonic deformation of the Biljurshi subsurface structures. The obtained geometry and structural models will be used to highlight the deep architecture of the Biljurshi area within the Arabian Shield.


Asir terrane, Aeromagnetic, Lineaments, Structural framework, Modeling, Inversion, Buried geometry.

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Published by INGV, Istituto Nazionale di Geofisica e Vulcanologia - ISSN: 2037-416X