Earthquakes and related anomalous electromagnetic radiation

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Manana K Kachakhidze
Nino Kachakhidze-Murphy
Badri Khvitia


According to the presented work, VLF/LF electromagnetic emissions might be declared as the main precursor of earthquakes since based on these very emissions, it might predict (M ≥ 5) inland earthquakes. As for ULF radiations, it governs some processes going on in the lithosphere-atmosphere-ionosphere coupling (LAIC) system. By these points, VLF/LF/ULF electromagnetic emissions have to consider more universal fields than other geophysical field anomalies during the earthquake preparation period up to aftershocks extinction.

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Kachakhidze, M. K., Kachakhidze-Murphy, N. and Khvitia, B. (2023) “Earthquakes and related anomalous electromagnetic radiation ”, Annals of Geophysics, 66(6), p. SE639. doi: 10.4401/ag-8962.
Special Issue: Developments in Earthquake Precursors Studies
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Manana K Kachakhidze, Saint Andrew the First-Called Georgian University

Faculty of Informatics, Mathematics and Natural Sciences