Recent large-scale temporary passive seismic experiments in Europe: deployment and data quality.


The densely populated area around Europe, the Central Mediterranean and Adriatic Sea is highly susceptible to a variety of geohazards, including earthquakes, tsunamis, landslides, flooding and volcanic activity. Specifically, the Adriatic Plate is consumed in a tectonically active belt spanning from Sicily, over the Apennines to the Alps, Dinarides and Hellenides, generating earthquakes up to magnitude 7. Understanding the properties of plate boundaries, slabs, active faults and of the stress field is crucial for  identifying the geodynamic factors driving plate deformation and associated geohazards. In recent years,  dense plate-scale regional passive broadband seismic experiments have been conducted over the greater Alpine region and in the central Mediterranean (e.g. AlpArray, AdriaArray, PACASE, among others).

Vol. 67 No. 1 (2024)

Published: 2024-05-21

Crustal Attenuation Tomographic Image of Northern Morocco: Indication of High Tectonic Activities

Abdelkarim Najim, Mohamed El Hilali, Youssef Timoulali , Lahcen El Moudnib


Scintillation Climatology from a Software Defined Radio Receiver over Antarctica

Rayan Imam, Lucilla Alfonsi, Luca Spogli, Claudio Cesaroni, Iman Ebrahimi Mehr, Alex Minetto, Fabio Dovis


Research on the Rayleigh Surface Wave Inversion Method Based on the Improved Whale Optimization Algorithm

Wang Ren, Zhenan Yao, Zhibing Feng, Wenjie Li, Xiangteng Wang, Pan Wang, Chenhao Zhan


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