Sedimentologic and volcanologic investigation of the deep tyrrhenian sea: preliminary result of cruise VST02

F. Gamberi, M. Marani, V. Landuzzi, A. Magagnoli, D. Penitenti, M. Rosi, A. Bertagnini, A. Di Roberto


The VST02 cruise carried out in the summer of 2002 was focused at sedimentologic and
volcanologic researches over selected areas of the deep portion of the Tyrrhenian sea. Chirp lines
and seafloor samples were collected from the Calabrian slope surrounding Stromboli island, in the
Marsili deep sea fan, in the Vavilov basin and in the Vavilov seamount.
Submarine volcanic activity, both explosive and effusive, is occuring in the Stromboli edifice.
Explosive submarine volcanism affects also the shallowest areas of the Vavilov seamount.
Submarine carbonate lithification has been observed on the sediment-starved flanks of the Vavilov
seamount. Acoustic transparent layers make up the recentmost infill of the Gortani basin, the
easternmost portion of the Vavilov basin. Channels comprised of a variety of architectural elements
and depositional lobes are the main elements of the Marsili deep-sea fan where, apparently,
sedimentation occurs mainly through debris flow processes.


submarine volcanism;submarine volcanic explosions;deep-sea fan;acoustic transparent layers;carbonate crusts

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