Catalogue of Tsunamis in the Eastern Mediterranean from Antiquity to Present Times

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This paper presents a systematic compilation of all data pertaining
to tsunamis observed or recorded in the Eastern Mediterranean from
antiquity to present times (1500 b.C. to 1980 a.D.). The first catalogue
has been published by Prof. N.N. Ambraseys in the "Bulletin of the
Seismological Society of America" (Vol. 52, No 4, October 1962) and this
has formed the skeleton of this paper. All of the available information
has been compiled from historical accounts, newspaper archives, other
reports, and recent mareographic data. The earthquake data have been
extracted from the Seismological Institute of Athens and relative bibliography.
Most of the events listed are associated with earthquakes, but
some are the result of volcanic activity . Many of the tsunamis have
been generated along the coast of Greece, Albania, South Yugoslavia,
Turkey, Syria and Israel. There is little doubt that the large conjugate
fault system along, the west coast of Greece, Crete and Rodos till the
south coast of Turkey is often responsible for the earthquakes in this
area and most of tsunamis in the Eastern Mediterranean.

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