The seismicity of Tunis



Very little is known regarding tlie seisniicity of Tunisia and in particulartliat of the Tunis area. We know tliat Tunis was sliaken a fewtimes in the past but it is rather difficult to say witli certainty whateffect tliese earthquakes had on structures and what their intensitieswere. Information is partieularly lacking about tliose earthquakes beforethe 19tli century. It may, however, be signiflcant tliat liistorical recordĀ»for the area of Tunis indicate intense seismic activity during the 9th and18th centuries, altliough one must make some allowances for naturaiexaggerations in early statements.In order to disclose the seismic potentiality of suoli a poorly documentedarea it is, therefore, essential to resort to its geotectonic historyfor informatici!.

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