Dispersion of surface waves along various paths to Uppsala, Sweden

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In continuation of Part I (Santo 1902), group velocity dispersionof surface waves along various oceanic patlis to Uppsala, Sweden, willbe reported in this paper. Materials and tlie method used are quitesiinilar to the previous ones, i. e. group velocities of Love and Eayleighwaves were obtained from records by ultra-long-period Press-Ewingseismographs for the shocks with numbers 00-60 and 61-90, and forthe other shocks from the records by long-period Benioff seismographsat the Seismological Institute, Uppsala, Sweden. In order to give characteristicnumbers to the dispersion data along every oceanic path, tlieyare compared witli the classifìed curves which the writer has obtainedpreviously (see Fig. 1 of Part I) along other oceanic paths. Love wavedispersion curves are denoted by Roman numerals and Rayleigh wavecurves by Arabie numerals.

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TETSUO, A. S. (1962) “Dispersion of surface waves along various paths to Uppsala, Sweden”, Annals of Geophysics, 15(2-3), pp. 277–298. doi: 10.4401/ag-5433.