DE-1 versus Cluster spectral density observations: the effect on ion outflow above the polar cap

Hamza A. Abudayyeh, Imad A. Barghouthi, Ghadeer Al-Sarsour, Husain Alsamamra


Wave-particle interaction is a very important mechanism in describing the outflow of ions at high latitudes and high altitudes. Quasi-linear perpendicular velocity diffusion coefficients are used to describe the effect of wave-particle interactions, therefore it is essential to determine the correct diffusion coefficients that must be used to model the outflow of ions. In this study a Monte Carlo method is used to assess the role of different diffusion coefficients for O+ and H+ ions at high altitudes above the polar cap. Two different sets of diffusion coefficients obtained from Barghouthi [1997]; Barghouthi et al. [1998] and Nilsson et al. [2013] are used. Barghouthi [1997]; Barghouthi et al. [1998] used spectral density measurements from Dynamic Explorer 1 spacecraft (DE-1) observations to calculate the diffusion coefficients, while Nilsson et al. [2013] used spectral density measurements from the Cluster spacecraft to obtain the diffusion coefficients. It was found that diffusion coefficients from Barghouthi [1997]; Barghouthi et al. [1998] in the cusp (aurora) and central polar cap (polar wind) respectively, describe well the observations of ion outflow at altitudes lower than 5 RE, but yield unreasonably high parallel velocities and temperatures at higher altitudes. Also diffusion coefficients from Cluster spectral density measurements produce reasonable results for high altitudes and unreasonably low parallel velocities and temperatures for the low altitude region. Therefore it is suggested that a combination of these diffusion coefficients is used where the diffusion coefficients given by Barghouthi [1997]; Barghouthi et al. [1998] are used at low altitudes and the diffusion coefficients obtained from Cluster measurements are used at high altitudes.


Wave-particle interaction; Ion outflow; Polar wind; central polar cap; cusp; polar cap; Diffusion coefficients; Cluster; DE-1

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