Published: 2015-11-11

DE-1 versus Cluster spectral density observations: the effect on ion outflow above the polar cap

Hamza A. Abudayyeh, Imad A. Barghouthi, Ghadeer Al-Sarsour, Husain Alsamamra


The Italian reference site for TEM methods

Vincenzo Sapia, Andrea Viezzoli, Antonio Menghini, Marco Marchetti, Massimo Chiappini


On polar daily geomagnetic variation

Paola De Michelis, Giuseppe Consolini


Ionospheric parameter modelling and anomaly discovery by combining the wavelet transform with autoregressive models

Oksana V. Mandrikova, Nadezda V. Fetisova (Glushkova), Riad Taha Al-Kasasbeh, Dmitry M. Klionskiy, Vladimir V. Geppener, Maksim Y. Ilyash


Evaluation of a global model of ionospheric slab thickness for foF2 estimation during geomagnetic storm

Buldan Muslim, Haris Haralambous, Christina Oikonomou, Sefria Anggarani


Characterization of GPS-TEC in a low-latitude region over Thailand during 2010-2012

V. Rajesh Chowdhary, Nitin K. Tripathi, Sanit Arunpold, Durairaju Kumaran Raju


New insight into the 2011-2012 unrest and eruption of El Hierro Island (Canary Islands) based on integrated geophysical, geodetical and petrological data

Stavros Meletlidis, Alessio Di Roberto, Itahiza Domínguez Cerdeña, Massimo Pompilio, Laura García-Cañada, Antonella Bertagnini, Maria Angeles Benito-Saz, Paola Del Carlo, Sergio Sainz-Maza Aparicio