Effect of evaluation frequency separation on magnetotelluric resolution

Ujjal K. Borah, Prasanta K. Patro


Aiming at the resolution enhancement of the subsurface objects, an evaluation (target) frequency separation criterion is proposed for ma- gnetotelluric (MT) method. The proposed idea is based on the propa- gation geometry of diffused electromagnetic (EM) wave through the earth. Starting from a homogeneous medium and extended it to laye- red earth model, the present study proposed the frequency separation criterion in terms of apparent resistivity and the lowest frequency to be used. To apply the proposed idea in real situation the frequency separa- tion criterion is reduced to a convenient form which is expressed in ter- ms of the lowest frequency only. The effectiveness of the proposed con- dition is examined by applying it to synthetic data. The result shows that the new idea can improve the resolution of the subsurface objects. 


Magnetotelluric, Resolution, Electromagnetic, Diffusion, Skin depth

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.4401/ag-7056
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