Indoor and soil radon measurements in the Hyblean Foreland (South-East Sicily)

C. Antoci, G. Immè, S. La Delfa, S. Lo Nigro, D. Morelli, G. Patanè, G. Alessandro


Indoor radon behavior in two sites of SE Sicily was studied as a function of the soil radon concentration. The
chosen locations were Ragusa and Modica towns, placed in the Hyblean Plateau (northern margin of the African
Plate). Soil samples were analysed by gamma spectrometry to determine the amount of radionuclides. Indoor air
and soil gas radon measurements were simultaneously performed in both sites using active detectors. Radon in
soil was measured one meter deep. A positive correlation was obtained between indoor radon concentration and
the soil gas concentration.


radon;uranium;indoor air;soil gas;Hyblean Foreland

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