Laboratory activity for a new procedure of MIVIS calibration and relative validation with test data

C. Bassani, M. R. Cavalli, A. Palombo, S. Pignatti, F. Madonna


Remotely sensed data, recorded by means of the MIVIS hyperspectral scanner in the framework of the research
activity of the CNR Institutes IIA-LARA and IMAA, have been calibrated to reflectance values and then quantitatively
compared with ground data. A new procedure for radiometric calibration has been defined by utilizing
the MIVIS test-bench and applying a wider radiance range with respect to the one provided by the manufacturing
company. New calibration curves have been determined and applied in the pre-processing chain. For validation
purpose ground spectra were measured during the campaign by means of a portable spectroradiometer. The
atmospheric correction has been carried out by implementing an IDL procedure to manage MODTRAN4 input
and output cards. MIVIS test data acquired over Passo Corese (Roma) have shown how the new calibration coefficients
significantly improve the radiometric accuracy. In particular, in the VIS spectral region the percentage
error, with respect to a ground truth spectrum, is about half of that occurring if the standard calibration coefficients
are used.


radiometric calibration;MIVIS;atmospheric correction;MODTRAN

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