Megasource time-domain electromagnetic sounding at Poggi del Sasso - Cinigiano (GR)

G. V. Keller, P. Cantini, R. Carrara, O. Faggioni, E. Pinna


An experiment was carried out in the vicinity of the I Terzi area in Southeastern Tuscany (fig. 1) to evaluate the applicability of the Time Domain Electromagnetic (TDEM) sounding method under the geological and environmental conditions prevailing in that area. An electromagnetic source was established using a motor-generator set and heavy cable. Measurements were attempted at four sites. Numerous samples of electromagnetic noise were recorded at each of these sites. At one site, signals transmitted for a grounded dipole source at 1.6 km distance were also recorded with the noise. The single set of observations has been processed and inverted to yield a six-layer piecewise constant resistivity depth-profile to a depth of about 2 km. The primary achievement of the experiment was demonstration of the praeticability of TDEM methods under the conditions prevailing in the site.


electromagnetism;resistivity;transient signal

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