Interplanetary magnetic field and its possible effects on the mid-latitude ionosphere II

Y. Tulunay


Using criticaI frequencies, f0F2 from the Uppsala, Lannion and Dourbes ionosonde stations, the possible effects of the orientation of the IMF on mid-latitude ionosphere are further investigated. For this purpose, the regular diurnal, seasonal and solar cycle variations in the f0F2 data were removed by subtracting the mean of f0F2 for the same UT on all the magnetically quiet days (Ap< 6) within 15 days around the IMF Bz turnings. This yields the deviation from the average quiet-time value ?f0F2. The data are sorted according to the polarity of the IMF Bz and the effects of the southward turnings are discussed. Hapgood et al. (1991), Tulunay et al. (1991), Tulunay and Rahman (1992) investigated the possible effects of the IMF on mid-latitude ionosphere by employing the Slough and Argentine Islands f0F2 data. In order to facilitate a comparison the same method of analysis is being adopted again. However, in the present work the southward polarity changes in IMF Bz with no consideration of the IMF sector structure were considered only.


IMF;variability;critical frequencies

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