Mitigation of ionospheric effects on GNSS

Rene Warnant, Urlich Foelsche, Marcio Aquino, Benoit Bidaine, Vadim Gherm, Mohammed Mainul Hoque, Ivan Kutiev, Sandrine Lejeune, Juha-Pekka Luntama, Justine Spits, Hal J. Strangeways, Gilles Wautelet, Nikolay Zernov, Norbert Jakowski


The effects of the ionosphere remain one of the main factors which limit the precision and the reliability of many GNSS applications. It is therefore indispensable on the one hand to improve existing mitigation techniques and on the other hand to assess their remaining weaknesses. Mitigation techniques depend on the type of application considered. Therefore, specific mitigation techniques have to be developed. The paper summarizes work performed on this topic in the frame of WP 3.2 «Mitigation techniques» of COST 296.


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