A physical pattern recognition approach for 2D electromagnetic induction studies

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P. Mauriello
D. Patella


We present a new tomographic procedure for the analysis of natural source electromagnetic (EM) induction field data collected over any complex 2D buried structure beneath a flat air-earth boundary. The tomography is developed in a pure physical context and the primary goal is the depiction of the space distribution of two occurrence probability functions for the induced electrical charge accumulations on resistivity discontinuities and current channelling inside conductive bodies, respectively. The procedure to obtain tomographic image consists of a scanning operation governed analytically by a set of multiple interference cross-correlations between the observed EM components and the corresponding synthetic components of a pair of elementary charge and dipole. To show the potentiality of the proposed physical tomography, we discuss the results from three 2D synthetic examples.

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Mauriello, P. and Patella, D. (2000) “A physical pattern recognition approach for 2D electromagnetic induction studies”, Annals of Geophysics, 43(2). doi: 10.4401/ag-3636.

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